Garden parties from 2020 collage


In 2023 Kay has made her festival debuts by performing at Hoopla Festival in Brixton, alongside TV Presenter and DJ Denise Van Outen and on the Mainstage at Chelmsford’s Street Eats n Beats. With the UK Festival scene becoming the brightest it has ever been, Kay has now shone her saxophone skills to ravers and families across Essex and London.

As Sister Sax’s music career begins to rocket, you will be able to catch her at many more festivals in 2024 and 2025. Please keep an eye on her socials for dates once released.

Black and white photo of Kay laughing, arm in the air on stage at a festival.
Kay standing behind Denise Van Outen
Kay laughing playing Sax with Denise Van Outen taking selfie and DJ'ing
Kay playing Sax in a gold sequins suit

Festival Sax